Ticket Availability

United's home fixtures for the upcoming 2020/21 season, all dates and times are subject to change.

Crystal Palace Sat 19 September          Lost 1-3

Tottenham Hotspur Sat 3 October

Chelsea Sat 24 October

Arsenal Sat 31 October


West Brom Sat 21 November


Manchester City 12 December

Leeds United Sat 19 December

Wolves Mon 28 Dec


Aston Villa Sat 2 Jan

Sheffield United Tues 26 January


Southampton Tues 2 February

Everton Sat 6 February

Newcastle Sat 20 February


West Ham Sat 13 March


Brightom Sat 3 April

Burnley Sat 17 April


Liverpool Sat 1 May

Leicester City Tues 11 May

Fulham Sat 15 May



If crowds are allowed back into Old Trafford details of ticket availability will be posted here asap. REMEMEBER if you plan on requesting match ticket from the Sligo Branch you MUST be a member.


All dates are subject to change